Body Composition Scan

What does this scan show?

The DEXA scan—“Dual X-ray Absorptiometry”—is a quick and pain-free scan that provides clients with an in-depth analysis of their fat tissue, muscle mass, and bone density.

How it works

The DEXA machine is comprised of a table on which the client lays and an “arm” that branches over top. During the scan, both the arm and table move independently of one another to capture the imaging data.  The machine’s open design allows clients to lay comfortably during the test without feeling claustrophobic. The scanner works by sending a low x-ray beam that reads two components in the body—soft tissue and bone.

The resulting scan data provides clients with an accurate measure of fat, muscle, and bone mass, a readout of which is provided to the client in a multi-paged printout, expressed as body composition percentages, body mass, and images.

How to prepare and what to expect

The DEXA scan requires little preparation. For the best results, clients should arrive well hydrated and should refrain from eating at least three hours prior to the scan. It is also important to not take calcium supplements 24 hours prior to the test to ensure accurate bone density readings.

Upon check-in at the front desk, the technician will take the client to the DEXA room for the scan. After recording the client’s height and weight, the client will be asked to lie down and get comfortable for the scan, which takes approximately 6 minutes. Once the scan is over, the technician will provide the client with a printout of their results.

Who should take this test

The DEXA body scan is appropriate for anyone wanting to know more about their body composition.