At Insight Imaging, we work with personal injury attorneys throughout Northern California to help their clients get the care they need with expedited imaging, reporting and billing services. We have extensive experience with injury diagnostics, and will support you from initial diagnosis through treatment recommendations.

We support you and your client with:

  • Detailed reporting within 24-48 hours of the completion of your client’s exam
  • Urgent or STAT reports are accommodated the same day
  • Radiologists are available to you for telephone consultations
  • Same day and urgent appointments accommodated
  • Exam images available online through our portal or via CD
  • We will contact your client within 24 hours to schedule their exam as requested by their referring or attending physician


For billing information/documents and payment processing, our team can be reached at:

Phone: 530.273.2720
Fax: 530.273.2770
Email: insightimaginggv@gmail.com

Personal Injury Liens

PI Liens are required for all services provided to your client.  A PI Lien must be submitted by the client/patient’s attorney for all imaging services requested. Simply download the PDF and email or fax the signed PI lien back to us.

Personal Injury Lien FEES

  • MRI without contrast – $2000
  • MRI with contrast – $2500
  • Ultrasound – $700
  • X-ray – $500
  • Bone Density – $500